EPAKS recognized early that the mobile revolution was inevitable.
That's why we decided to make move the Kenpo Kards into the digital space years ago.
If you haven't gotten our apps, you don't know what you are missing!

›› Kenpo Kards App

The same Kenpo Kards you've come to know and love, but in digital form.
This app is truely a productive and amazing training and learning aid!

Ready to try, but not buy, there is also a trial version - which is limited to only the yellow belt techniques.

Avaialable at:
Google Play - full version
Google Play - free (trial) version

›› American Kenpo Quick Reference App

A comprehensive quick reference of everything American Kenpo.
This app is you ticket to an amazing amount of information about American Kenpo in an easy-to-use quick reference app.

Avaialable at:
Google Play