The Official EPAKS Guide to the Kenpo Kards

When the first dek of Kenpo Kards were released in the autum of 2004, we found that everyone thought that they were a great and innovative idea, but also found that everyone had at least one question about how they could be used, what information could be mined from them, or needed more explanation about a certain area of the kard.

We knew then that the simplist way to answer everyone's questions would be to come out with a book detailing the features, usage, and informaton that the Kenpo Kards contain. After six months of work - composing, writing, illustrating, and editing - we can now present to you EPAKS newest work "The Official EPAKS Guide to the Kenpo Kards."

The book is designed to not only be a good read from cover to cover, but also as a good reference book. It's packed with over 150 illustrations that are intended to highlight almost every piece of information presented in the text. This layout allows the reader to find a section of the book quickly and easily, and get a quick overview as to what information that the section presents - by just looking at the illustration and its text.

Information Presented in the Guide


We at EPAKS went to every effort to try and cover every aspect of the Kenpo Kards in as much detail as possible. The book details history, design, and layout of the kards. In these chapters, we not only present the whats of the design, but also the whys. After reading these sections, you will come away with a full understanding of what was done as well as why it was done. To quote SGM Ed Parker - "The man who knows 'what' will always be a student, but the man who knows 'why' will continue to be the instructor."

The book not only details all of the design features of the kards, but also explains and gives examples of usage, care, games, and study. The reader will find numerous, practical examples of how to use the kards, not only from the point of view of a student, but also as an instructor with the need to design lesson plans. Armed with this new information, the reader will be able to use the kards more effectively in a class design, workout, or study situation.


Purchasing the Guide

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